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Bethany Bongiorno Software Director at Apple & CEO of Humane

Learn about Bethany's journey from initially pursuing a career in Astrophysics to becoming the a Software Engineer at Apple.

Through these experiences, she fell in love with project management and crafting innovative technology that would actually be used by the public.

In 2016, she left Apple to create her own company with her husband, Imran Chaudhri, called '' 

Thank you, Mrs. Bongiorno, for taking the time to share your journey and advice! We are very excited to see what '' accomplishes this year!

Sara Glick Electrical Engineer + Tech Co-Founder

Sara Glick is a passionate electrical engineer and female leader in the technology industry. 

From designing Apple iPods to FitBit models to self-driving cars to 'smart' air purifiers, Mrs. Glick has gained all sorts of technical knowledge. In early 2019, Mrs. Glick co-founded Numerik Design, which provides electrical, firmware, and manufacturing test solutions for the development of consumer electronics products. She is an avid advocate for supporting women that are eager to pursue STEM and entrepreneurship.

Mrs. Glick thank you so much for sharing your insightful experiences and advice with us!

Lora Freda is the VP of Sales at C & G Consulting Services Inc. Being in the tech industry for over 20 years, she has had a lot of experience with both STEM and business.

Having a passion in both business and innovation, Mrs. Freda strives to support and empower women in STEM by helping them find employment at STEM and pharma companies.

​Learn about her advice for the next generation of female tech entrepreneurs!

Lora Freda VP Of Sales at C & G Consulting Services Inc.